Funeral Home Negligence

A reputable funeral home, one you can trust, will take care of all of the necessary arrangements to ensure a solemn and respectful funeral for your loved one. In addition to making sure that your recently departed loved one received the proper care and attention that he or she deserves, the funeral home should take care of all the arrangements and ensure that your loved one is delivered to their final resting place with dignity. However, there are some funeral homes who cut corners to save money and put our deceased loved ones at risk. It is these negligent and irresponsible funeral homes that we hold accountable in court.

This is not to say that the negligence of funeral homes is always intentional. Sometimes, it’s simply negligence and nobody really meant it to happen. In other cases, the funeral home may be cutting on costs or focusing too much on boosting their profits, and this results in serious mental and emotional harm to their customers. Regardless of whether or not it was intentional , the damage will have already been done. The memory of your deceased loved one has been dishonored, and whether it’s the funeral home you should sue or any one of their contractors, the bottom line is that someone needs to be held accountable.

Having an experienced lawyer is important because, regardless of the reason, you need someone who’s not only knowledgeable of the laws governing funeral home cases, but is also experienced in taking these unique types of cases to trial. In 2018, Alex Katzman was the lead lawyer in a jury trial that that culminated in the largest Texas verdict against a funeral home in recent memory.

There have been many cases of funeral homes taking advantage of and victimizing grieving families. These cases are unfortunate and sad to witness, but a good lawyer will help you get the justice and respect that your deceased loved one truly deserves. If you think you have a case and you want an expert lawyer by your side, contact Alex Katzman of Katzman & Katzman, PLLC.