Jury Verdicts

July 2021 : Jury Verdict

After a two week in-person jury trial, fired restaurant executive is vindicated. Jury found restaurant chain CEO and HR retaliated against an eighteen year employee, with an unblemished record and a stellar history of increasing sales, six days after he reported his boss for retaliation – arising from the employee’s instruction to a female store manger to report sexual harassment to the HR dept.
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Feb 2018 : Jury Verdict

Local funeral home chain lost a body entrusted to it for funeral services. After a three-week trial, the jury rejected the funeral home’s claim that her body had been stolen and returned a verdict in favor of our clients (parents of the deceased).
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Mar 2012 : Jury Verdict

Clients position eliminated in a reorganization three years after reprimanding a V.P. for sexual harassment. After a two-week trial, the jury found employer SAWS had retaliated.
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Jan 2010 : Jury Verdict

Successful defense of real estate broker sued for failure to disclose a sinkhole on an adjoining property. In a three-week trial, client was cleared of all liability and awarded his attorney’s fees.
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May 2009 : Jury Verdict

53 year-old man held liable for initiating an inappropriate relationship with a 16 year-old girl.
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August 2008 : Jury Verdict

A local utility found liable to a 26 year employee for gender discrimination.
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September 2007 : Settlement

SAWS approves settlement of race discrimination case.
Link to Article September 5, 2007

September 2005 : Jury Verdict

A local utility found liable to its employee for sexual harassment and retaliation for reporting the harassment.
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April 2004 : Jury Verdict

Majority shareholders looted the corporation and denied dividends to the minority shareholder (client).
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September 2000 : Jury Verdict

Employer found liable for firing an eight-year employee after she told her supervisor she was pregnant.
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August 1999 : Jury Verdict

Hospital found liable, violating the disability discrimination statute, for firing an administrator after she suffered a minor stroke on the job.
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March 1999 : Jury Verdict

Landlord found liable to a tenant gang-raped at an apartment complex due to inadequate security. This case settled prior to the punitive damage phase of the case.
Link to Article March 19th, 1999

Note: These jury verdicts do not represent the amounts received by Katzman & Katzman clients. Due to the fact that the trial and appellate courts have the authority to order remittitur (reduction) of the amounts found by the jury, as well as reverse any of the findings, the amounts ultimately received by the clients may not be represented by the amounts awarded by the jury. Other factors that affect the net amount received by a client are voluntary decisions to settle while a verdict is on appeal, the defendant’s economic viability with regard to collectability of a verdict, the contingency fee, and case expenses if applicable.